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Make a frightful face


2 Tablespoons each of glycerin and water
2 packets unflavored gelatin

Mix well, microwave for 10 seconds at a time until mixture boils
COOL slightly…so it doesn't burn skin, but is still runny.  Mixture will get more solid as it cools.

You can re-microwave it to make it runny again.


Corn syrup, red food coloring (add a drop of green for yuckier blood) and a big pinch of instant coffee granules.


  1.  Assemble your materials first: small torn strips of tissue paper, teeth made from cheap fake fingernails, concealer-type makeup, fake blood, lipliner pencil, paintbrushes, black and red acrylic paint (optional)
  2. Make your skin/glue.  COOL so it doesn't burn, but is still runny
  3. Outline the area you are "decorating" with lipliner pencil.
  4. Coat area with skin/glue
  5. Add tissue paper strips around the edges
  6. More skin/glue
  7. Apply the teeth…follow the line of the subject's real teeth
  8. More skin/glue
  9. More tissue paper, then blend makeup around the edges.  Add fake blood, or:
  10. Allow to set…pull off, add highlights with red and black paint & re-apply with skin glue, elmer's glue or spirit gum.