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Alden Digital Planetarium: A National Geographic Theater

An Exciting Partnership

In October 2014, the EcoTarium announced its five-year partnership with one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations, National Geographic. The partnership includes rebranding the EcoTarium’s theater to the Alden Digital Planetarium: A National Geographic Theater.

There are fewer than 10 other museums in the United States having this exclusive partnership with National Geographic, and the EcoTarium is the first museum partner in New England!

A Tradition of Cutting Edge

In 2007, the Alden Digital Planetarium became the first digital planetarium in Massachusetts!

Featuring Digital Light Processing technology from Sky-Skan, Inc., the EcoTarium's planetarium uses images from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope to create a three-dimensional solar system projected onto a 40-foot dome. With immersive surround sound technology from Bose, the planetarium offers a 360-degree, multi-sensory experience.


Tickets can be purchased at the Tickets and Information Desk on the day of your visit.

  • $6 per person (plus museum admission)
  • $5 per person for EcoTarium members

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