Bubbles! | EcoTarium


Closed for the season - Opening again Spring 2019

Bubbles! is located on the Lower Courtyard (near Siegfried the Stegosaurus).

Everyone loves bubbles, and our seasonal outdoor exhibit gives kids (and grownups) of all ages a chance to make loads and loads of sudsy bubbles in all shapes and sizes.  Experiment with how they are formed, the colors they produce, and their amazing properties.  And while you're having fun making all those bubbles, you'll learn about such things as surface tension, evaporation and light reflection.  

Bubbles features several activity stations for investigating the science behind the suds, including:

  • Exploring the different ways to create bubbles by experimenting with a variety of wands;
  • Standing inside a mega bubble;
  • Making a large bubble wall and observing color patterns it produces;
  • Creating unusually-shaped bubbles by lowering three-dimensional geometric shapes into a trough of suds.