Corn Snake
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Virginia Opossum
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Red Fox
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Slydell and Daisy

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Adoption Packages

Adopt an animal & help the museum!


This symbolic adoption program is an opportunity to give direct financial support to an animal of your choosing and to help maintain their health and welfare here at the EcoTarium. Your donation will go towards their food, enrichment, veterinary visits, treats, and so much more.

Annual Animal Ambassador Meet-and-Greet

Not everything about your adoption needs to be symbolic!

If you purchase a symbolic animal adoption package valued at $75 or more, you are invited to meet all of our adoptable animals along with their keepers! From Stormy the Skunk to Sergeant Pepper the porcupine, there is so much to learn about our animal ambassadors!

You will receive an email invitation to this annual event with details.

Thank you for your support!