Running through Winter, 2020 Designed for families and family learning, the exhibition features open-sided, interactive exhibit components with a focus on various concepts such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, Angular Momentum and other key physics principles.

The exhibit includes a variety of stations involving simple physics experiments, hands-on activities and demonstrations. 

Upon the exhibit entrance, meet Newt, a cheerful little amphibian named after Sir Isaac Newton, the Father of Physics with a passion for scientific exploration. Explore a dozen different interactive features that provide a hands-on taste of how our favorite amusement park rides work including great interactives like Bumper Blaster, Create-A-Coaster and Magnetic Circus.    

Amusement Park Science was developed and produced by Discovery Center Museum of Rockford (IL), Inc., via the five-museum national consortium TEAMS (Traveling Exhibitions At Museums of Science).



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