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Wild About Nature - April Vacation Week - April 18-22

Are you happiest watching birds, hiking mountains, or digging in the dirt? Then maybe you're born to be wild...about nature! Explore the plants that give us air and food, the tiny animals that clean our water, the fierce predators that keep the population balanced, and the processes that connect us all. Discover the amazing power of citizen science, and become a conservation hero.

Trash to Treasure - 11:00 am
Can a cereal box become a birdhouse? Can a plastic cup become a colorful planter? Read the story of Max the Monster, who turns his wasteful habits into actions that save the earth. Brainstorm ways to reduce or reuse everyday objects and then use recyclables to design something useful for Max and his friends.

Sow Surprising - 1:00 pm
What do almonds, coffee beans, and coconuts have in common? They're all seeds! Discover the surprising science rules that define a seed, then test your knowledge with a hands-on game involving some of your favorite foods. Feeling inspired? Plant a small seed in an Earth-friendly pot to take home.

Animal Chat - 2:00 pm
Join our Zoo Team and meet a resident creature who is definitely wild about nature!

Pollution Solution Engineering Challenge - 3:00 pm
We all know clean air and water keep animals healthy, but what about dark skies? It turns out that low light is essential for many critters like amphibians, fireflies and birds. Use your ears to find your fellow frogs, then engineer a way to help fight light pollution and keep the springtime chorus humming.

Ongoing Daily: 10:00 to 4:30 pm

Compost: The Real Black Gold
Old food scraps become delicious new vegetables with the help of some creepy crawly friends. Sort items for the compost pile and meet the creatures that make it all happen.

Climate Chemistry
Carbon dioxide makes our oceans too acidic for many plants and animals. Become a water chemist and use scientific tools to test water samples and mix them back to healthy levels.

Join us on Friday, April 22, for all this, plus special Earth Day programs!


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