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Amateur Science That is Anything But Amateur

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As the new coordinator of the Naturalist Program, my goal is to cultivate a space for students to feel they belong, both within the program and also in science overall. With 21st Century technology and the brain elasticity of teens—getting involved with citizen science has never been easier. However, no one could have predicted the…

Evolution of a Science Museum in a Global Pandemic


At the end of February, I was 1800 miles away in the state of Texas. My husband and I had to close down a bank account that was still open (we used to live in Texas, and this bank required we be there in person to do this) and we were able to pair that…

A Garden with a Growing Mission

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Tomatoes need support. Zucchinis are sun-hungry plants and will take over your garden if left unchecked. Turnips should be kept in the ground until after the first frost for a sweeter taste. These are just a few of the numerous tips my mom has passed down to me over the years gardening together. She taught…

From Volunteer to Intern to Staff

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I recently graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Mount Wachusett Community College, following my time as a volunteer in the wildlife department here at the museum. In my Veterinary Technology program, I was able to learn about the physiology of many different species of animals. However, the majority was focused on animals that people…

What’s In the EcoTarium’s Cellar?


Nobody knows what’s in the EcoTarium’s cellar.  Seriously, not even me, and I’m our Collections Management Specialist.  Only about 1% of our collection is on display, which is perfectly usual for a museum.  However, we’ve only catalogued about 25% of what we have- the rest is a mystery. Sorting this out is my job. Our…

Everyone’s at the Education Table


Teachers and school districts are being charged and challenged to shift the way science has typically been presented in a classroom. We as a museum, have to be cognizant of these processes so we can ensure that our programs are modeling the best practices in education. After all, we are a partner in this work.…