New Community Curators Exhibit coming October 2021. Climate Change is the defining issue of our world today, resulting in everything from unpredictable weather patterns, rising sea levels and shrinking ice sheets. To combat this, immediate action is needed to restore balance to our natural world. 

How has the impact of climate change affected our region? Through natural history collections such as ours, scientists and researchers can glean a great deal of insight into the affect on a variety of animal species and our ecosystem. In this community curated exhibit, guests are invited to discover the science behind climate change: how it affects different species and what communities and individuals can do to reduce their own carbon footprints. 
Meet the 2020 local community curators of the exhibit:
  • Paws the PawSox mascot (soon to be WooSox)
  • Che Anderson, Deputy Cultural Development Officer with the City of Worcester
  • Selina Gallo-Cruz, Holy Cross College Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Xochitl Cruz-Gallo, community activist

See items from the EcoTarium's collections that have not been on display before.  A total of four objects will be on exhibit: three chosen by guest curators and one by public vote for 2021. The following two items are still on display from the 2020 exhibit:

Three Toed Sloth

  • Native to Central America and parts of South America
  • Found in tropical rainforests 
  • Collected in South America 1933


  • Lives in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions around the North Pole
  • Needs cold water and sturdy ice shelves
  • Collected in Greenland in 1894