The 3rd Annual Community Curators Exhibit will open on Nov 5th, 2022, and run through April 21st, 2023. Climate change is the defining issue of our world today, resulting in unpredictable weather patterns, rising sea levels, and loss of homes for humans and animals alike. Immediate action is needed to restore balance to our natural world.

How has the impact of climate change affected our region? Through natural history collections such as ours, scientists and researchers can glean a great deal of insight into the effect on a variety of animal species and our ecosystem. In this community curated exhibit, guests are invited to discover the science behind climate change: how it affects different species and what communities and individuals can do.

Meet the 2022 local community curators and the item they selected for the exhibit:

Eric Batista, Acting City Manager, City of Worcester

Deborah Cary, Forbush Award Winner

Brook Flores, Sophomore, Tecca High School

Greater Worcester EcoTarium Community

Sponsored by MEFA’s College Savings Plans