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Community Curators: Local is the New Global

YOU be the Curator!

Thanks to all of you who voted as part of upcoming Community Curators exhibit, here are your two choices that will be featured in the exhibit:

Three Toed Sloth

  • Native to Central America and parts of South America
  • Found in tropical rainforests
  • Collected in South America 1933

Atlantic Puffin

  • North Atlantic coastlines, islands and waters
  • Favors cold waters
  • Collected in Norway August 18, 1906
The EcoTarium is in development of a new temporary exhibit drawing from our natural history collections. Today's researchers use natural history collections in a variety of ways including genome studies, biology-inspired design, advancements in human health and studying the effects of climate change. Each object in our Community Curators exhibit will tell a story about climate change. 
A total of five objects will be on exhibit: three chosen by guest curators and two by public vote. 
Community CuratorsLocal is the New Global is slated to open in January 11, 2020.
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