Alden Digital Planetarium - Upcoming Upgrades & Updates

We want every child in our community to know they can reach for the stars! We need your support to make our planetarium upgrade possible. Donate Now. The new digital planetarium will inspire all who experience it and will help contribute to our ability to teach astronomy and other science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) content interactively. This fall with your help the EcoTarium will have the opportunity to update our planetarium's technology, redesign and increase the seating capacity, and create wheelchair or restricted mobility guest access. The optimized space and new laser projectors will allow us to offer dynamic new shows and programs, share updated content and scientific discoveries, and create new special events focused on celestial events. Improving the planetarium’s capabilities and physical space will directly correlate with the quality education we can provide to the community and especially to Worcester Public School students. We are proud to say this new space will truly be for everyone in our community.


For nearly 200 years, generations of students and families have created special memories at the EcoTarium. Those memories have been made possible thanks to the careful planning and generosity of thousands of individuals through giving of their time as volunteers and financially through annual donations and bequests.

Your gift will help us serve in-need individuals and families throughout Massachusetts. Please consider making a gift to the EcoTarium today.

Your Single Gift Counts

  • $2,500 – Supports a year of free and reduced admission opportunities
  • $1,000 – Delivers a month of early childhood programs
  • $250 – Provides transportation for a classroom field trip
  • $100 - A year of membership benefits for an in-need family
  • $64 - Free admission for an in-need family

Adopt an Animal & Help the Museum!

This symbolic adoption program is an opportunity to give direct financial support to an animal of your choosing and to help maintain their health and welfare here at the EcoTarium. Your donation will go towards their food, enrichment, veterinary visits, treats, and so much more.

Planned Giving

The Saturn Society was formed to recognize those individuals who have made, or intend to make, a planned gift to the EcoTarium. We invite you to join the Saturn Society and are happy to share information so you can better understand your bequest options and communicate your wishes back to the museum.

Planned giving can take many forms. We encourage you to work directly with your financial advisor when making a planned gift.

To learn more about planned giving and the EcoTarium please read our Saturn Society guide or reach out to us at 508.929.2716 or email


Pave the Way

Celebrate or honor your loved ones, friends, or business with a brick paver lining the way to Nature Explore, the interactive outdoor exhibit connecting visitors to nature through activities such as building, art, climbing, and music. Pavers are a thoughtful way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and important milestones.

Amazon Smile Foundation

Select us as the charity of your choice and a portion of the sales are given to the museum. Be sure to login to the page, select the EcoTarium (listed under our official name of Worcester Natural History Society). Thanks!

We cannot thank those of you who have already given enough for your support - it means the world to our staff, volunteers, board, and of course our animals. We are truly grateful for any and all support our community can provide so that we may continue to serve the region, inspiring all with a passion for science and nature, well into the future.