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Earth Day Celebration April 22, 2022

Celebrate the planet and all that sustains it at the EcoTarium’s Earth Day Celebration! Enjoy the EcoTarium’s grounds, visit our animals, explore our trails, and discover the Nature Explore® playground. Participate in activities, art projects, scavenger hunts, and more!

Salamander Room - 11:00 am

Hear a fanciful tale of a salamander and a boy who tries to build the perfect space for his amphibian friend. Then use natural materials in our Nature Explore playground to create a home for newly-emerged spring creatures.

Sow Surprising - 1:00 pm
What do almonds, coffee beans, and coconuts have in common? They're all seeds! Discover the surprising science rules that define a seed, then test your knowledge with a hands-on game involving some of your favorite foods. Feeling inspired? Plant a small seed in an Earth-friendly pot to take home.

Animal Chat - 2:00 pm
Join our Zoo Team and meet a resident creature who is definitely wild about nature!

Pollution Solution Engineering Challenge - 3:00 pm
We all know clean air and water keep animals healthy, but what about dark skies? It turns out that low light is essential for many critters like amphibians, fireflies, and birds. Use your ears to find your fellow frogs, then engineer a way to help fight light pollution and keep the springtime chorus humming.

Visit our Earth Day Obstacle Course in Nature Explore where you can... 

  • Engineer a cooling shelter for a plush friend
  • Practice clever ways to save energy at home
  • Put your eco knowledge to the test by playing Green Quest
  • Go bowling against invasive species
  • Hunt for items on our spring senses scavenger hunt and win a prize...and more!


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