Here, you’ll discover a variety of inhabitants and the inner workings of nature’s own water purification system.

  • Look for a spiny softshell turtle, a gray tree frog and other creatures in their watery habitats.
  • View microscopic pond animals through a Wentz scope
  • Watch out for the movements of a noctural opposum.
  • Step up to each environment and come nose-to-nose with the animals that live there.
  • Identify the bugs and birds you might find in freshwater environments, using specimens from the museum’s collections
  • Learn about how the region’s watery environments connect to one another.

While all enclosures have been specially designed to meet the natural needs of the species as well as to accommodate any physical limitations of the individual animal, animals need novel experiences to use their natural instincts on a regular basis. This is called “enrichment” and it is a regular part of good husbandry (care of animals by humans).

You can support a variety of our enrichment programs by purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List which will directly get your items to our resident wildlife. Click on the button below to see how you can help:

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