Harold Grinspoon Sculptures

The EcoTarium is excited to partner with sculptor Harold Grinspoon to bring his work to the EcoTarium. Opening November 5th, HG Art Works will loan the EcoTarium three sculptures that will allow guests to experience science combined with the arts while exploring our 45 acres of property.

Science and art are both about the exploration and discovery of something that is unknown using a creative median. In science we often are exploring and trying to understand new and exciting things in the external world around us. In art, the exploration is often more of an internal exploration and both require a great deal of creativity to make.

The sculptures on display:

  • CELESTIAL: Created from one reclaimed branch of a Live Oak Tree in 2019-2020. Its arrangement is 20’x12’x8’ and weighs around 800LBS. The branches dry for about 8 months then are de-barked and cut into quarters the length of the branch. Then sanded, primed, and painted. Three segments have reflective stainless steel spheres. Located inside the entrance to the EcoTarium.
  • SALMON RIVER JEWELS II: Created in 2020, stands 15’ x 5’ and weighs around 550LBS. It is made from many pieces of driftwood collected from the Salmon River in Idaho. The driftwood was dried, sandblasted, treated, primed and painted then arranged and attached to a core piece of Juniper. Located on sundial plaza to the left of the main entrance.
  • HOT HEAD: Created from driftwood collected from the Salmon River in Idaho in 2021. After it had dried it was sandblasted, treated for any rot and/or insect presence. It was then primed and painted. It is one of a series of three: Hot Head, Cool Head and Mellow Head. On its pedestal made of charred oak and stainless-steel rod it stands about 6’ x 3’ wide and weighs about 50LBS. Located on sundial plaza to the right of the main entrance.

Harold Grinspoon is a Massachusetts-based contemporary artist. His sculptures have risen out of a life of creative ventures in both business and establishing the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, which provides literacy and heritage for Jewish children. Carried into his art, he is always thinking about the next impactful item or sculpture he can create.

Exhibit is included with admission.

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On Loan from the Personal Collection of Harold Grinspoon Art Work.