Upper and Lower Ponds

Minutes from downtown Worcester yet a world away, the ponds and grounds at the EcoTarium are worth exploring in every season. Two ponds (Upper & Lower) stationed on the property offer many opportunities to observe nature, wildlife or discover something new.

In the spring of 2019, the EcoTarium was thrilled to be awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust in order to undertake a detailed planning project for the development of a stormwater runoff mitigation plan. The existing closed stormwater management system was constructed prior to the implementation of the Massachusetts Stormwater Management Standards, and only provides minimal water quality treatment. The lack of treatment has led to the discharge of pollutants in the Lower Pond, and increased sedimentation in the pond habitat. Essentially, when storms cause rainwater to wash across the grounds and the slopes on the property, there is little to stop pollutants such as leaked oil, trash or other contaminants from flowing into the pond.
Performing the intensive assessment of the grounds and the development of a plan to improve water quality of the Lower Pond is Nitsch Engineering, an environmental engineering firm. The planning study will culminate in a comprehensive strategy, completed in a subsequent phase, to create a nature-focused “green” solution to improve and protect the water quality, as well as develop educational resources about the ecologically-focused solutions to problems and needs in the Worcester community.