Grant Support Keeps EcoTarium Active During Dormancy

Worcester, Mass. – September 2, 2020 The EcoTarium was a recent recipient of a “GSK Science in the Summer” grant in partnership with the Franklin Institute in Pennsylvania. As part of the “Be a Chemist!” program, the grant will fund the distribution of 400 STEM-based kits to local youth via the Worcester Together initiative, established by the Greater Worcester Community Foundation and the United Way of Central Massachusetts. The chemistry kits were developed by GlaxoSmithKline, and offer hands-on, at-home experiments featuring multiple types of chemistry research, designed to solve real-world challenges. Coupled with the kits and online demonstration videos, the GSK Science in the Summer grant engages scientists from around the country to interact with participating youth via virtual group chats.

During the week of September 14, the 400 kits prepared by the EcoTarium will be delivered to seven different sites in Worcester that are all part of Worcester Together. Each site will use the kits in correlation with their curriculum and programming. Some of the chemistry topics include how to make an antacid medicine, how to create new paint colors and how to clean and test water from a contaminated river.

“It has always been part of the EcoTarium’s mission to provide high-quality support to the communities that we serve,” said Lucy Hale, EcoTarium President & CEO. “While our entire country examines methods to keep young people engaged and inspired in science at the same time as staying safe and protected, the caliber of programs like GSK’s ‘Be a Chemist!’ are integral for museums like us to help deliver on that mission.”

Recently, the EcoTarium shared their plans to go into a dormancy period for the fall and winter seasons as part of a COVID-19 financial recovery and planning phase for the future. During this time, the historic institution will continue to care daily for all wildlife resident animals, and offer a variety of virtual programming while not open to in-person visitors. Many of the planned programs, such as GSK Science in the Summer, are grant funded.