Forbush's Legacy

In 2022, the Board of Trustees of the Worcester Natural History Society, which does business as the EcoTarium, established the Edward Howe Forbush Naturalist Award to recognize the lifetime achievements of an individual or group who have lived the EcoTarium’s mission and values, with a commitment to conservation and a passion for science and nature. This prestigious award celebrates a devotion to academic rigor, scientific collaboration, conservation advocacy and public education, all values which continue to be upheld by the EcoTarium today. The Forbush Naturalist Award commemorates the legacy of Edward Howe Forbush, a renowned naturalist remembered  for his many scholarly contributions and his unwavering devotion to understanding the natural world through scientific observation, documentation, and publication. Forbush was active as an educator as a means of  protecting native wildlife and wild spaces.

Recipients of the Forbush Naturalist Award embody Forbush's ethos, leadership,  lifetime of service, and participation in the scientific community. Their work reflects the values of environmental stewardship upheld by the EcoTarium.

The Forbush Naturalist Award solidifies the Museum’s commitment to conservation, community collaboration, and recognition of the leaders and innovators who inspire us all to become better stewards of the environment.

Past Recipients