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Outdoor Explorations

(September 2019)  While we have always been dedicated to a healthy ecosystem, we are cognizant of the concerns brought by the new cycle of EEE (Eastern equine encephalitis) activity spread by mosquitoes in our region.

On the EcoTarium's grounds, there are many organisms that consume mosquitoes and their larva. However, we support the CDC's recommendation to use insect repellent with DEET, and to minimize skin exposure. For more information and tips:
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Stroll scenic and peaceful trails, play with interactive exhibits on the plaza, and visit resident wildlife -- there's plenty to see and do on the EcoTarium grounds in every season. Keep your eyes open as you explore meadow, pond and forest environments. You'll see plenty of wildlife (and a dinosaur!) living on our 45 acres.

Featured Exhibits:

Wild Cat Station

Two mountain lions and several native bird species are at the center of Wild Cat Station, a new spectacular outdoor exhibit. Grass, trees, and rocky alcoves allow the cats to utilize their natural abilities of climbing, scratching and jumping.

Outdoor Animals & Living Collections

See Who's Living at the EcoTarium! Encounter a wide variety of animals, from owls to turtles to bald eagles.

Animal Corner

Meet native animals you rarely see. Several have come out of hiding to live in the Animal Corner building on the museum’s Lower Courtyard. Drop by to see our personable porcupine and skunks.

Nature Explore® Outdoor Exhibit

Our expansive outdoor exhibit features several play areas, each with its own theme. Each area offers unique and innovative outdoor experiences designed to engage children and their families through activities such as building, digging, nature art, climbing, music and movement.

Scenic Paths and Trails

Scenic trails, New England meadows and ecosystems. Keep your eyes open as you explore meadow, pond and forest environments.

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