Pi Day (1000 X 350 Px)

Early Pi Day!

Can you imagine a world without the wheel...or clocks...or pizza?! Join us on Sunday, March 13, from 10-4, to celebrate the irrational ratio that makes circles possible. Experiment with things that roll, invent your own symbol story, meet a fairy tale critter, and create and take fabulous cycloidal crafts. It's time to go globular because math's not hard: it's easy as pi!

Things That Roll - 11:00 am

Does a golf ball roll straighter than a tennis ball? What kind of ramp makes the fastest skate park? How do you help a runaway truck hit the brakes? Find out for yourself as you build your own experiments in this hands-on discovery. 

Tales and Tails: featuring Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi - 1:00 pm

Help Sir Cumference find the antidote to a strange spell! Enjoy an exciting Pi Day fairy tale and meet a critter character straight from the book.  

Symbol Stories - 3:00 pm

Stop signs, arrows, logos... symbols help us communicate without speaking. Learn about pi, its symbol and meaning, then invent your own symbols to create a hilarious story you can act out!

Ongoing Tabletops: 

Pi Day Paper Chain: we know the digits of pi are infinite, but let's see how long we can make our pi day paper chain!

Real Life Circle Measure: Calculate the circumference of circles from the tiny to the huge-- what do they all have in common? 

Make and Take Craft: Create a STEAM-powered craft project to celebrate all things circular.